St. Louis County, MO

Police Field Services Technician

St. Louis County, MO, St Louis, Missouri, United States,

Salary :

$41,766.40 - $75,192.00 Annually

Location :

Throughout St. Louis County, MO

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St. Louis County Police Department

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An employee in this job class is responsible for performing technical work of considerable difficulty in support of an emergency early warning system and related emergency communications systems and infrastructure. Work is performed independently under the general supervision of the Field Services Manager and involves monitoring and repairing assigned systems and coordinating outside vendors. Work involves the operation, modification, maintenance, programming, repair and replacement of outdoor warning sirens, transmitter systems and controller equipment, as well as the inspection, maintenance, and testing of the County's infrastructure systems at communications transmitter sites in St Louis, Jefferson, St Charles and Franklin Counties. Work involves heavy lifting and outdoor exposure to extreme temperatures and dangerous conditions. Work is reviewed through reports and meetings for accomplishment of tasks and system reliability.

Position will remain open until filled.

Per the Department's Collective Bargaining Agreement, newly hired employees who do not possess corresponding experience will start at the base starting pay listed in this posting.

Examples of Duties

Functions as the System Technician for the St Louis County Outdoor Warning Siren System.Coordinates and oversees contractor staff involved with preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of a large multi-component emergency early warning system.Conducts routine field inspection of infrastructure equipment for a multi-County trunked radio system.Conducts daily testing of the County's outdoor warning siren system.Responds to reports of system/service outages or disruptions and oversees restoration, both during and after normal business hours.Assists Field Services Manager to ensure that vendors and leased property landlords are meeting their obligations for tower maintenance, road access, waveguide clearances and site security at the County's transmitter sites.Assists Field Services Manager to ensure that emergency generators are tested weekly, UPS systems and batteries are monitored for efficiency and proper performance, shelter interiors are checked for problems and towers, antennas, lighting assemblies and cable feed lines are visually inspected.Conducts multi-year siren battery refresh program.Contacts vendors, suppliers, contractors and other personnel for installation, modification, repair or routine maintenance of equipment and system components.Prepares reports and maintains files of system performance, system testing, field activities and repair work.Coordinates maintenance of assigned equipment and vehicles, including generators, mobile siren trailer, aerial bucket truck and other specialized assets.Maintains availability in case of emergency or disaster situations.Performs related work as required.Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Considerable knowledge of the materials, equipment, methods and techniques used in the maintenance, adjustment and repair of mechanical and electronic signal systems.Considerable knowledge of the materials, equipment, methods and techniques used in the installation of mechanical and electronic signal systems.Considerable knowledge of safety practices and procedures involving the use of equipment with or near high voltage lines.Considerable knowledge of the principles of electricity and electronic circuitry.Considerable knowledge of the computer hardware and software, digital timing and programming for warning siren devices.Knowledge of preventative maintenance scheduling and procedures.Considerable skill in analyzing electrical and mechanical repair problems.Skill in maintaining commercial buildings systems and equipment.Skill in operating motor vehicles, including aerial bucket trucks.Skill in using power and hand tools.Ability to lift 60 pounds and work in an outdoor environment.Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, agency representatives and the general public.Ability to listen, see, read, write and speak the English language.Ability to discern colors.

Training and Experience


Graduation from high school or an accredited technical school, including course work in electronic maintenance or electrical wiring and repair and three years of experience in the repair and maintenance of electronic signal and mechanical systems; or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Special Requirements


Possession of a valid commercial driver's license for a specific class level within 30 days of employment.

Additional Information

CITIZENSHIP : Citizen of the United States or valid work permit, and apply for citizenship when eligible.AGE LIMITS : Eighteen (18) years of age at the time of appointment.EDUCATION : Educational requirements and skills will be determined by the position classification.PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG GUIDELINES : Any illegal adult use or possession of a controlled substance, including marijuana, within one year prior to employment. The word "drug" refers to any type of controlled substance for which you do not have a prescription; to include


in all forms (edibles, gummies, or any other product containing THC).TATTOO POLICY : Applicants and Department employees

shall not display tattoos that are visible on the face, neck, head or hands. Visible tattoos on other areas of the body may be displayed with Department approval.ARREST : Must be free from conviction of a felony or a Class "A" misdemeanor.MILITARY : Must not have a


discharge or

"Bad Conduct"

discharge if having served in the military. All

"Other Than Honorable"

discharges will be reviewed on an individual basis.

COMPETITIVE SELECTION PROCESSUnder the regulations of the Police Department, all appointments to the St. Louis County Police Department are made on the basis of a continuously open, competitive hiring process conducted under the supervision of the Personnel Services Unit. Each applicant must successfully complete each stage of the selection process before becoming eligible to proceed to the next step.

AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER : The Board of Police Commissioners resolved that subject to all applicable State and Federal statutory or judicial exemptions, all qualified applicants for employment and/or advancement, whether commissioned or civilian, shall be given equal opportunity for consideration, selection, appointment and retention, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or political affiliation.

St. Louis County offers its employees many excellent benefits with paid medical insurance, 20 days of PTO (paid time off) the first year and increasing with seniority, and 11 paid holidays. Employees hired for full time employment will participate in the St. Louis County retirement plan where they contribute 4% of their salary to the defined benefit plan with vesting after 7 years. Other benefits include: paid life insurance, a credit union, 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, pre-tax premium pay plan, dependent care and medical expense reimbursement plans, and short and long term disability insurance.

In addition to these benefits, as of January 1, 2023, St. Louis County approved up to 480 hours of paid parental leave for eligible employees welcoming new children, either by birth or adoption. The employee can also take up to 80 hours of leave for prenatal care and up to 80 hours for care of the child within the first year.

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