Teixeira Accounting Firm

Senior Staff Accountant/Bookkeeper

Teixeira Accounting Firm, Toronto, Canada CAN

Salary: based on experience and work history

Salary min: $60,000.00

Salary max: $80,000.00

Level: Experienced

Duration: Full Time

Prepare Financial Statement and Corporate Tax Returns using Caseware and Profile.

Prepare & analyze Quickbooks Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and accounts.

Use QuickBooks to reconcile & perform month end procedures and fiscal year end procedures.

Review QuickBooks profit & Loss statement and each induvial expenses account for errors and adjust.

Review QuickBooks Balance Sheet and each induvial account for errors and adjust.

Record bookkeeping transactions to A/P, A/R, cash/bank/credit cards/and issued bills and invoices.

Write cheques signed by the client to pay bills, WSIB, HST & Employees, our bill; etc.

Prepare invoices for clients in Quickbooks.

ReconcileQuickBooks monthly transactions – especially bank & credit card reconciliations.

Prepare, analyze, calculate & E-fileHST returns using QuickBooks- ensure Filed on time.

Prepare, analyze, calculate & E-filePayroll remittances - keep immaculate payroll records.

Prepare and calculate source deductions: ensure accuracy and pay on time.

Prepare and E-fileUnion payroll & keep competent records.

Prepare, analyze & E-fileWSIB reports.

Prepare and E-filestatement contract payments (T5018).

Personal Taxes

Prepare, analyze & E-file personal tax returns (T1).

Prepare, Review & E-file T1 rental schedules & T1 proprietorships.

Prepare, Review and E-file principal residence applications.

Prepare, review and E-File terminal tax returns.

Help with CRA audits and CRA questions regarding personal and corporate taxes.

Appeal T1 assessments and re-assessments.

Any experience with DR. Tax for T1’s.?

About Teixeira Accounting Firm

Located in WEST Toronto on Bloor Street between two subway stops. 

Generally 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Except during tax season (mid March to April 30th).

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Teixeira Accounting Firm