University Recruiting with offers a 100% digital solution for efficient and effective early professional hiring.

"Uncubed's 'start-up' brand enables them to find and attract candidates…who wouldn't otherwise apply to us."

- Talent Acquisition, IBM
IBM - Talent Acquisition

Top Talent Without Going to Campus's Digital Campus Solution allows companies to access pre-qualified talent from countless US colleges, universities, and training programs–entirely online.

Drive Diversity & Inclusion

Engage the top students from hundreds of schools, democratizing your career opportunities through an open network of pre-qualified candidates. Enhance your internal efforts with the network and service.

Pre-Qualified, Engaged Talent engages candidates directly from its expansive student network.

All applicants are reviewed by's team and matching software.

You only receive the pre-qualified candidates, freeing your team to spend less time on screening, and more time on fit.

Tech-Enabled Service, Built for Efficiency

Powered by our software and personal service from our team, our solution is entirely scalable, and built for your specific early-professional hiring program.

Hire top candidates in a fraction of the time.

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